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7/5/2018 General
Chicago High School Students Empowered in Financial Literacy

Spreading wisdom

High school students are only years – and in some cases months – from being away from home and handling money on their own for the first time. Yet most have been exposed to few lessons in financial self-sufficiency, either in school or at home. That’s why Nicholl Doggett and her employer, Oak Brook-based Leaders Bank, have seized on an opportunity to impart financial lessons to Chicago high school students participating in the Empowerment through Education and Exposure (EEE) program. Not-for-profit organization EEE provides underserved youth with educational experiences and exposure activities that help empower them for success. After-school presentations are among many services EEE delivers. In these sessions, insurance agents, attorneys, physicians and financial services professionals like Doggett give students insights into their professions and the industries they serve.

Financial tools

In one recent session, Doggett, Leaders Bank assistant vice president of mortgage lending, addressed EEE students who converged from several Chicago high schools for an after-school session at Crane High School on the city's West Side. Doggett's program presented students with the basics about several financial tools they will likely require their entire adult lives. “In my program, we discussed different types of bank accounts, their purposes, and the reasons to save money,” Doggett says. “We also discussed credit, and how important credit is to their future. The kids had a couple questions about student loans, and we discussed different types of student loans, as well as how to manage their student loans in college . . . We had a question-and-answer session after my talk, and they had more questions than I could answer.” Doggett intends on teaching her EEE financial education course at least once every semester. She counts on support from Leaders Bank, which will donate funds to EEE and provide educational resources for Doggett to use in her presentations. “Leaders and I plan to continue educating the students,” she says. “It's been very enjoyable for me.”

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